Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Best Sleepover Activity

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At room 28/29's sleepover my favourite activity was the team exercise. You had to create a skit, song or dance about the theme civil defence 'Get Ready Get Thru'. This was my favourite activity because it involved lots of creativity, imagination and thinking all at the same time, also this was run by my mum!!! At first my team was struggling with ideas, we all thought we had no creative juices. We started to share some ideas, but we still found it hard. My mum told us there was some pretty good teams and it is pretty hard to beat. So our leader (Brylee) decided we would do all three things a song, dance and a skit! I thought this would be impossible with the amount of time we had left. We got a few ideas then gave up again! We decided to do just a skit. We did a funny skit about an earthquake evacuation. It was short but sweet! The most surprising thing was we made a skit that could of really happened in an earthquake. The funniest thing was creating ideas. In the end we only got a 3.5, but I wasn't surprised neither was my group, but we had so much fun!

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